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“Heritage.UA” Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Lviv on June 7, 2018. Its mission is to give new life to the architectural gems of Ukraine. The goal is a systematic and comprehensive revitalization of abandoned architectural monuments located both on the territory of Ukraine and monuments of Ukrainian origin, which, due to historical circumstances, are now outside the homeland.

The organization was created on the model of the British fund National Trust. Its range of tasks includes physical restoration and context revitalization of cultural heritage, including conducting of scientific historical, local lore and art studies with particular attention to local history; preparation of project documentation; attracting of state, local, grant and private financing for “hard” and “soft” heritage projects; promotion of objects through social networks and mass media; networking and activating local communities; ongoing maintenance for monuments; development of cultural and tourist potential of monuments and their historical and cultural areas on the basis of partnership with local communities by organizing cultural and artistic events and developing products which provide interpretation of cultural heritage.

As of today, CF “Heritage.UA” takes care of architectural monuments of national and local value both state-owned and communal – Pomoriany Castle (XVI – XVII centuries) in Zolochiv district, Tartakiv Palace (XIX century) in Sokal district, the building of “Sokil” society (early 20th century) in Bibrka, Peremyshlyany district, Lviv region, as well as adjacent parks, examples of landscape art.

The Foundation actively cooperates with the relevant departments of Lviv Regional State Administration/LRSA (Department of Architecture and Urban Development, Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, Department of Culture, Nationalities and Religions, Department of Tourism and Resorts of LRSA), regional and local governments (Lviv Region Council, Pomoriany village council, Tartakiv village council, Birbka district council) and local communities.

The Foundation is a member of the All-Ukrainian CSO GOHeritage! It implements grants, partnerships and own hard and soft projects.

Charitable Foundation “Heritage.UA” is the only CSO that demonstrates sustainable, systematic and effective activities in the matter of the set of tangible heritage sites in Ukraine.

Up-to-date information about our projects can be found on the following FB pages:

FB Heritage.UA, FB Pomoriany Castle, FB Tartakiv, FB Sokil.

We also have 5 bank accounts – 3 in UAH for each of the objects, and also in EUR and USD currency



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